Prince Callum Cadhriel

Reclusive, deviant Prince of Incipio


Firstborn of the Cadhriel twins, Callum is the first in line for the throne.

He is a reclusive man, typically resigning to his study after any senate appearances. His introversion has been the subject of much public speculation, with many wondering what sort of ruler he will inevitably become.

The one place of solace he finds is among the scholars of the Philosopher’s Guild, of which he is a well-respected member.


In his youth, Callum and his sister Caeda were figures of intense public scrutiny. While his sister handled the attention well, Callum retreated into books and science. He found himself enamored with the mechanics of the universe.

As he grew older, he attended fewer and fewer senate assemblies; still, however, his mother loved her young prince.

Prince Callum Cadhriel

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