Empress Nevira Cadhriel

Empress of Incipio, ruler for a hundred years.


A wise and well-loved ruler. Nevira Cadhriel is the hand that guides the people of Incipio.

She is a peaceful ruler, concerned only with the prosperity of her people. As such, her country has flourished under her rule. The nation’s capital was rebuilt under her guidance, and is now a bastion of artistry and architecture.

On a normal day, she can be found attending meetings of the senate, and interacting with the public at both formal and informal events. She has a great love for her children, and wishes for them both to be great rulers in the future.


After the death of her family, Nevira Cadhriel was forced to take the throne. Unprepared for the role, and manipulated by powers at play, she found herself nearly killed by those that sought to steal the throne. However, with the help of a group of unlikely heroes, she was able to save herself and her city.

Her rule since has been a happy one. The people of Incipio have flourished under her kind and generous hand. Nevira led her country into an intellectual enlightenment, encouraging the study of both philosophy and science.

Her twins, Callum and Caeda, are next in line for the throne.

Empress Nevira Cadhriel

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